Peace and Disarmament

Back to listMar 17, 2005

Soka Gakkai Aichi Women's Peace Conference Sponsors Peace Forum

On March 16, the Soka Gakkai Aichi Women's Peace Conference sponsored a forum at the Kasugai Culture Center, Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture. Titled "A Heart of Peace Reverberates throughout the World," the forum highlighted stories of women creating cultures of peace in their respective arenas as housewives, peace activists and community leaders. Mari Kato shared her struggles of helping her child overcome trauma that led to a self-imposed "exile" from school. Hisako Kawai, a storyteller on the horrors of war, asked the audience to cherish and create peace in their lives. Masae Kan talked about the challenges and joys of raising a child with Downs Syndrome. Taeko Oka spoke about her efforts to promote community and neighborhood relations through articles in a local newspaper. Shuko Watanabe, a community leader in Kasugai dedicated to creating safe neighborhoods, and Honorary Professor Osamu Totani from Mie University were guest speakers.