Peace and Disarmament

  • Dec 17

    "Choose Life" Peace Symposiums Held in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata

  • Dec 8

    Dialogue and Education Highlighted at BSGI Peace Seminar

  • Nov 19

    Toda Institute Co-organizes Seminar: Challenges of a Nuke-Free World

  • Oct 28

    Victory Over Violence Essay Contest Held in Albuquerque

  • Oct 28

    Peace Through Music: SGI-USA Hosts "Daniel Pearl World Music Days" Concert

  • Oct 14

    SGI-Panama Hosts Peace Forum and Environmental Exhibition

  • Oct 13

    A Dialogue on Interdependence

  • Oct 7

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Holds Month of Peace Activities

  • Oct 6

    SGI's Anti-nuclear Exhibition Held at Prominent Nuclear Science Museum in New Mexico, US

  • Oct 6

    Celebrating Peace in Hawaii with the Spirit of Aloha

  • Sep 28

    Antinuclear Exhibition "Transforming the Human Spirit" Shown in Spain, Peru and Argentina

  • Sep 21

    Antinuclear Exhibition Held in Germany

  • Sep 15

    SGI-UK Hosts Hibakusha at Hiroshima Peace Day Events

  • Aug 25

    New Antinuclear Exhibition Launched in Hiroshima

  • Aug 25

    Daisaku Ikeda International Center for Peace Studies Opens in Argentina

  • Aug 18

    Toda Institute and Pugwash Hold Conference Focusing on Abolishing Nuclear Weapons by 2040

  • Aug 11

    Soka Gakkai Members in Nagasaki Mark Anniversary of Atomic Bombings, Hold Youth Peace Forum

  • Aug 5

    Hiroshima Study Lectures Exceed 150

  • Jul 31

    Soka Gakkai Youth in Hiroshima Sponsor Lectures on Nuclear Abolition

  • Jul 29

    Soka Gakkai Youth Hold Annual Peace Summit and Peace Festival in Okinawa

  • Jul 9

    Celebrating 20 Years of Taiwan-China "Peace Angels Exchange"

  • Jul 2

    Peace Bus Retraces Gandhi's Footsteps Across South India

  • Jun 30

    SGINZ Confers Peace Award on Peace Activist Alyn Ware

  • Jun 23

    Survey of Awareness of Battle of Okinawa Among Local Students

  • Jun 3

    SGI-Korea Student Group Sponsors Culture and Peace Events

  • May 17

    40th Anniversary of Toynbee-Ikeda Dialogue Celebrated

  • May 11

    SGI Representatives Attend Vienna PrepCom for 2015 NPT Review Conference

  • Apr 14

    SGI-New Zealand Co-organizes Concert Celebrating 30 Years of Wellington's Nuclear-Weapon-Free Declaration

  • Apr 13

    Victory Over Violence Exhibition Shown at Teen Center in Florida

  • Apr 10

    Dr. N. Radhakrishnan Lectures on Nonviolence and Inner Transformation

  • Apr 1

    SGI-USA Hosts Anti-Bullying Event

  • Mar 23

    SGI-Germany Hosts Anti-Nuclear Weapons Exhibition and Panel Discussion

  • Mar 15

    Dr. Jeffrey Sachs Speaks on Economics of Happiness at SGI-USA New York Culture Center

  • Mar 11

    International Nuclear Experts Discuss Nuclear Abolition in Tokyo

  • Mar 8

    Women Walk for Peace in Wellington, New Zealand

  • Feb 29

    Survey of Youth Awareness of Peace and Nuclear Weapons

  • Feb 15

    SGI Representatives Attend Anniversary Events of Treaty of Tlatelolco in Mexico

  • Feb 4

    Toda Institute Organizes International Conference on Music and Peace in Paris

  • Jan 28

    Nagasaki Soka Gakkai Youth Host Peace Lecture

  • Jan 26

    SGI President's 30th Peace Proposal Released

  • Jan 22

    Nuclear Weapons Abolition Event "Our New Clear Future" Held in California

  • Jan 16

    Celebrating MLK Day