Back to listMay 6, 2012

SGI-Germany Participates in Vesak Festival

SGI-Germany membersSGI-Germany members performing

On May 6, SGI-Germany, together with 17 other Buddhist organizations, was invited to participate in a Vesak festival celebrating Shakyamuni Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death. The event was hosted by the city of Frankfurt and was attended by some 2,000 people.

Each Buddhist group had the opportunity to introduce themselves in the form of cultural performances, talks and presentations.


Dr. BeckeDr. Becke

Professor Dr. Wolf Singer, a renowned neurophysiologist gave a lecture on the positive effects of meditation on the human brain. An SGI-Germany representative explained the history of Nichiren Buddhism and its development from the teachings of the Lotus Sutra. They also demonstrated how to chant and performed a dance symbolizing the struggle against arrogance.

SGI-Germany member Dr. Mathias Becke gave a talk on the Buddhist concept of the “Three Poisons" which explains the three destructive impulses of greed, anger and foolishness--the root causes of suffering. He emphasized that since the ills of the world have been created by human beings, it is within their power to solve them, and stressed that each person has limitless positive potential.

[Adapted from a report from SGI-Germany; photos courtesy of SGI-Germany]