Back to listJun 9, 2011

SGI-Australia Hosts Interfaith Dialogue

SGI-Australia Culture CentreAt the SGI-Australia Culture Centre in Sydney

On June 9, the first in a series of three interfaith dialogues titled "Embracing Difficult Conversations" was held at the SGI-Australia Culture Centre in Sydney. The theme of the meeting was "Conflict and Religion."

The series came about as a result of regular meetings of different faiths which share a common belief that religion should be a source of hope for humanity. The meeting was moderated by Rev. Sef Carroll, convenor of the Uniting Church National Assembly in Australia. The two speakers were Imam Afroz Ali, director of the Al Ghazzali Centre, and SGI-Australia General Director Greg Johns.

The dialogue highlighted the point that religion can be a source of both hope and conflict based on how it is perceived and used. Imam Afroz Ali offered an Islamic view of conflict and ways of responding, while Mr. Johns spoke about the Buddhist perspective on conflict. Questions and comments from the audience followed.

The second interfaith dialogue in the series will be held in August 2011.

[Adapted from a report from SGI-Australia; photo courtesy of SGI-Australia]