Back to listJul 17, 2010

SGI-Australia Youth Leaders Participate in Interfaith Exchange

On July 17, 2010, twenty-eight SGI-Australia (SGIA) youth leaders of the newly formed SGIA Peace Culture Education Department (PCE) joined twenty-six Muslim counterparts from La Trobe University Center for Dialogue Young Muslim Leadership Program for an interfaith exchange titled "Celebrating the Dignity of Life." This was the third such dialogue held between the Young Muslim Leadership Program and SGIA.

The day's activities included Muslim youth representatives from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand giving presentations on the Young Muslim Leadership Program and their personal challenges and determinations as leaders. SGIA youth representatives introduced SGIA's various activities and the PCE's aim to actualize SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's annual peace proposals through engaging with local communities to help foster cultures of peace and humanism. They also hosted the SGIA exhibition "Dark to Dawn: Being Creative About Depression" which includes a video by Australian composer Michael Askill and filmmaker Daniel Askill.

Small group discussions on how to respond to youth depression followed. Some participants related how they overcame depression and positively confronted social pressures to engage in negative behaviors, including violence.




[Adapted from a report from SGI-Australia; photo courtesy of Craig Russell]