Back to listMay 22, 2008

SGI-Australia Youth Welcome Muslim Youth Leaders

On May 22, 2008, 20 SGI-Australia (SGIA) representatives of the Peace, Culture and Education Youth Training Group, which studies how to apply Buddhist principles to the challenges of building peace and participates in community activities, hosted a dialogue with 24 Muslim youth leaders at the Sydney SGIA Culture Center in Sydney Olympic Park. The Muslim youth leaders were members of a leadership training program of La Trobe University's Centre for Dialogue in Melbourne.

An immediate rapport between the youth of both groups was evidenced by the spontaneous dialogues that began as soon as the Muslim youth arrived at the SGIA center. An SGIA representative gave a brief introduction to familiarize the visitors with the SGI and the humanistic philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism. The guests also shared with the SGIA youth many aspects of their belief and religious activities.

Professor Larry Marshall of the La Trobe Centre for Dialogue expressed his enthusiasm for participating in the dialogue that created opportunities for Buddhist and Muslim youth to understand more deeply one another's spiritual background and beliefs. SGIA General Director Greg Johns then thanked all the participants and presented gifts on behalf of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda to the Muslim youth, who then expressed their appreciation for being able to interact with the youth of SGIA.

080522x_aust_muslim_exch.jpg SGI-Australia youth and the visiting Muslim youth take a commemorative photo

[Adapted from a report from SGI-Australia]