Back to listNov 11, 2006

Taiwan Soka Association Participates in Conference on Religion

Robin Lu of TSA addresses the conference

"Dialogue and Innovation: The Second Conference on New Religious Organizations and Trends in Society" that brought together people of various faiths was held on November 10 and 11 at Nanhua University, Chiayi County, Taiwan. Taiwan Soka Association (TSA) member Robin Lu spoke on the focus of TSA's activities in recent years and the organization's development at a session titled, "The Management of New Religious Organizations and Their Interaction with Society."

Mr. Lu stated that SGI is an organization promoting peace, culture and education based on the humanistic ideals of Buddhism. He further explained that SGI's spiritual roots can be traced to Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha. After showing a video that introduced TSA's activities, Mr. Lu spoke in detail on SGI's founding spirit and its efforts to support its members' religious practice as well as contribute to society at a grassroots level.

Nanhua University's Sociology Research Center organized the conference. More than 200 people attended, including scholars, government representatives, research students and individuals representing different religions.

[Translated and adapted from an article in the November 22, 2006 issue of The Harmony News, Taiwan Soka Association]