Back to listJun 30, 2005

Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations Appoints SGI UN Representative as President

Hiro Sakurai (seated on right, on stage), together with other panelists at Conference on Interfaith Cooperation

The Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN has appointed Hiro Sakurai, from SGI's UN Liaison Office in New York, as committee president. Mr. Sakurai joined the committee in 1999 and has served as interim president since June 2004. His appointment was made official at the committee's annual business meeting on June 15, 2005. The Committee of Religious NGOs has been meeting regularly since 1972 and is currently made up of 110 representatives from NGOs that define their work as religious, spiritual or ethical in nature. Past presidents have come from organizations representing various religious traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Mr. Sakurai will serve a two-year term, ending in 2007.