Back to listApr 17, 2005

Rabbi Michael Lerner Receives Fifth Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builders Prize

Rabbi Michael Lerner (2nd from right) receives award from Dr. Carter (left), Mr. McIlraith (2nd from left) and Dr. Massey (right)

Rabbi Michael Lerner, renowned writer and peace activist working for peace and reconciliation between Israel and Palestine, received the fifth Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builders Prize. Rabbi Lerner is co-founder of the Tikkun Community, an interfaith organization, editor of Tikkun Magazine and author of many books for social justice, peace and environmental issues. The conferral took place on March 31, at the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel on Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Morehouse College President Walter E. Massey, Chapel Dean Lawrence Edward Carter Sr. and SGI-USA Vice General Director Ian McIlraith presented a certificate and a commemorative medal to Rabbi Lerner. In his acceptance speech, Rabbi Lerner stressed that human beings and their environment share a deep connection. He said that the social issues humanity face today have escalated because humans don't understand that we are on equal footing with our environment and have lost love and respect for it.

[Previous Community Builders award winners are: respectively, His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, the Club of Rome President (2001); Dr. Michael Nobel, board chair of the Nobel Family Society and the Nonviolence Project (2002); Betty Williams, 1976 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and founder of the Northern Ireland Peace Movement (later renamed Community of Peace People) (2003); and Frederick W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela, both former South African Presidents and co-recipients of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize (2004).]