• Oct 18

    SGI Represents Buddhism at Interfaith Symposium at Nur University, Bolivia

  • Oct 4

    SGI-USA Participates in Global Village Festival in Southern California, USA

  • Sep 30

    SGI-Panama Participates in Religious Scriptures Exhibition

  • Sep 12

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Participates in Interfaith Prayer for Peace

  • Aug 30

    Singapore Soka Association Participates in "From Tolerance to Acceptance" Interfaith Forum

  • Aug 17

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Hosts Lecture on Buddhism in an Islamic Society

  • Jun 29

    "British Buddhist Landscape" Conference Held at Taplow Court, UK

  • Jun 26

    SGI-USA Participates in Interfaith Roundtable on Hate Crimes in Southern California, USA

  • Jun 21

    Singapore Soka Association Representative Speaks at Forum on "Religion in Conflict and Cooperation"

  • Jun 11

    Expert on Confucian Studies Lectures at Taiwan Soka Association's Center

  • May 28

    Students from National University of Singapore Visit SSA Headquarters

  • May 22

    SGI-Australia Youth Welcome Muslim Youth Leaders

  • Apr 8

    SGI-USA Cohosts Christian-Buddhist Interfaith Dialogue

  • Mar 16

    Singapore Soka Association Holds Youth for Peace Interfaith Symposium

  • Feb 27

    BRC Public Event Pursues Deeper Understanding of Death, Greater Appreciation for Living

  • Feb 13

    Interfaith Roundtable in New Zealand

  • Feb 11

    SGI-Spain Representatives Participate in Interfaith Symposium in Barcelona