• Dec 10

    Director of Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Speaks on "Buddhism, Singapore and Interfaith Dialogue" at Annual Lecture

  • Nov 22

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia and the Croatian Embassy Cosponsor Croatian Music

  • Oct 28

    SGI Representatives Attend Interfaith Conference in Macedonia

  • Oct 4

    SGI Representative Participates in UN Interfaith Dialogue

  • Sep 21

    "International Day of Peace" Observed in Singapore

  • Sep 15

    SGI-Germany Cohosts Interreligious Symposium on "Life and Death" with European Academy of Sciences and Arts and IOP

  • Jul 12

    SGI Representatives Attend International Socio-Religious Conference in Havana, Cuba

  • Jul 7

    Second Interfaith Discourse Between Islam and Buddhism Held in Malaysia

  • Jun 25

    Youth Religious Consultative Group Created by Italian Government Ministries Meets with SGI Italy Youth

  • Jun 12

    Soka Gakkai Representative Attends International Conference on Religious Tolerance

  • Jun 3

    SGI-Spain Supports an Interfaith Conference in Alicante and Earth Charter Forum in Madrid

  • Apr 23

    Seminar on Life and Death at the Boston Research Center

  • Mar 25

    SGI New Zealand Race Relations Day in Auckland

  • Mar 21

    Interfaith and Cultural Events Accompany Peacebuilders Exhibition in Oxford, UK

  • Jan 27

    Singapore Soka Association Youth Join Interfaith Youth Forum

  • Jan 25

    Singapore Interfaith Lecture at Islamic Center

  • Jan 2

    Singapore Soka Association Participates in Interfaith Event