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July SGI Quarterly Issue on "Living with Courage" Available Online

Olivia Mugarbirwe

The July SGI Quarterly on "Living with Courage" is now available online and as a downloadable PDF.

"Living with Courage" questions our definition of courage and looks at its role in our lives, presenting the reflections and examples of individuals from around the world in extraordinary as well as ordinary circumstances.

Among the feature contributors are Rev. James Lawson, described by Martin Luther King Jr. as the architect of the Civil Rights nonviolence movement, who shares his insights into the courage of nonviolence; Chouchou Namegabe, a female radio journalist from the Democratic Republic of Congo who gives voice and healing to women who have been the victims of violent sexual assault in that conflict-torn region; and Professor William Ian Miller who discusses the politics and morals of courage. Excerpts from a discussion on courage between SGI President Ikeda and youth representatives are also featured, together with his profile of Rosendo Mauricio Sermeño, a champion of nonviolence in El Salvador. Other contributors include an array of people from around the world who share their reflections on courage in daily life.

The July issue of the SGI Quarterly can be accessed at PDF versions of the magazine are available from the April 2012 issue onward and can be accessed at

[Courtesy of SGI-OPI]