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Back to listApr 16, 2010

SGI Representative to the UN Speaks at the Council of Europe


1004x_council_of_europe.jpg At the Council of Europe headquarters
in Strasbourg, France

On April 15, 2010, the SGI's representative to the UN in Geneva Kazunari Fujii gave a speech at a conference on Learning and Living Democracy For All, held at the Council of Europe headquarters in Strasbourg, France.

The conference, which ended on April 16, brought together representatives of the States Parties to the European Cultural Convention, decision makers, education practitioners, international institutions and civil society representatives.

The participants discussed the results achieved under the Council of Europe Programme "Learning and Living Democracy for All" 2006-2009 and future cooperation in the field of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights (2010-2014).

At the round table, Mr. Fujii, who is also Chair of the NGO Working Group on Human Rights Education and Learning of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the UN (Congo), Geneva, spoke on the role of international institutions in supporting sustainability of citizenship and human rights education.

Speaking about the importance of raising awareness of global issues among youth, Mr. Fujii stated, "I am convinced of a very significant role of youth to change society through building a culture of human rights. One of the imperative responsibilities of the Council of Europe is to continue and further develop its activities of human rights education for and with youth."


[Adapted from a report from the SGI Office of Public Information; photo courtesy of the Council of Europe]