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SGI Supports and Attends Humphrey's Memorial Dedication

On June 15, 2008, SGI-Canada representatives attended the official unveiling of "Credo," a sculpture dedicated to John Peters Humphrey (1905-95), in Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada. Dr. Humphrey was the first director of the UN Human Rights Division, founder of Amnesty International Canada and responsible for writing the first draft of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The scuplture was comissioned by The Hampton John Peters Humphrey Foundation.

080615x_ca_humphrey1.jpg Atlantic Area SGI-Canada Coordinator Louise Meyer (2nd from left) with Fundraising Chair Georgie Day (left) with the statue of Humphrey on opening day
(June 15, 2008)

The interactive memorial, situated close to Dr. Humphrey's childhood home and his gravesite, consists of pieces created in stone with running water cascading down their sides, two mahogany wood figures of Humphrey as an adult and as a boy, and bronze birds situated on a bench open to view. A thirtyish Humphrey sits in front of two inscribed stone obelisks with notebook in hand, looking out toward the St. John's River deep in contemplation. Linked at the shoulder is Dr. Humphrey as a boy, facing his beloved Hampton town and kneeling on the bench with sailboat clutched at his waist. The entire landmark was designed by the late artist, activist, poet and educator John Hooper (1927-2006), his artist wife, Kathy Hooper, woodcarver Darren Byers, mason Ludwig Hartman and graphic designer Sue Hooper. [For more on the Credo Project, visit the Hampton John Peters Humphrey Foundation website at:]

The event held at the courthouse lawn in Hampton was attended by local, provincial and federal dignitaries, together with many townspeople. Louise Meyer, Atlantic Area SGI-Canada coordinator, represented SGI-Canada, which had donated CAN$1,000 for the Credo Project. Both in the project's promotional literature and in a permanent information kiosk on the grounds are photographs of Dr. Humphrey and his wife Dr. Margaret Kunstler Humphrey (1908-2001) receiving honorary degrees in 1993 from Soka University in Japan.

[Adapted from an article in the July 2008, Issue 034, of SGI Canada News; photos courtesy of SGI-Canada]