Human Rights

Back to listSep 2, 2006

Exhibition Supporting UN's World Program for Human Rights Education Opens in Sendai City

Visitors to the SGI human rights exhibition in Sendai

"Human Rights in the 21st Century--Treasuring Each Individual" opened on September 1 at the Sendai Mediatech in Sendai City, Japan. Soka Gakkai youth created the exhibition in support of the UN's World Program for Human Rights Education. The United Nations Information Center and the Japan UNICEF office are sponsors.

"Human Rights in the 21st Century" addresses this century's various human rights issues in sections titled "Women," "Children, Too," "Minorities," "Conflict and Terrorism" and "Poverty." On display are original autographed documents and letters written by human rights pioneers such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi and Helen Keller. An oversized version of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" is shown on a 50-inch screen in 331 languages at the touch of an interactive map. Visitors can also listen to audio recordings of NGO representatives who have overcome tremendous hardships in their quest to make the world a better place. The exhibition ends on September 6. Admission is free.