Human Rights

Back to listNov 22, 2005

Kansai Youth Peace Conference Hosts Lecture on the United Nations and Human Rights

On November 21, Soka Gakkai's Kansai Youth Peace Conference hosted the third lecture in a youth seminar series at the Osaka Chuo Culture Center in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, commemorating the "Human Rights for Hope in the 21st Century (tentative translation)" exhibition, which opened today in Osaka City. The United Nations Information Center Director Akio Nomura spoke on the United Nations and human rights issues. Referring to the tragic massacre that occurred during Rwanda's civil war, Mr. Nomura stressed that in countries where gross violations of human rights occur, international society has a responsibility to protect the people. He pointed to the linkages between human rights, peace, security and development and emphasized that respecting diversity and fostering the spirit of tolerance was crucial for resolving the related, complex problems in today's world.