Human Rights

  • Nov 14

    SGI-Spain Holds Lecture on Elimination of Violence against Women

  • Nov 5

    SGI Promotes Education and Youth Leadership at Geneva NGO Forum on Women's Rights

  • Oct 22

    SGI-Bolivia Gives Seminar on Buddhist View of Human Rights

  • Sep 27

    Human Dignity Featured at 2014 Ikeda Forum

  • Sep 26

    SGI Supports Events Promoting Human Rights Education at UN Human Rights Council

  • Jul 26

    Soka Gakkai Holds Lecture on Minamata Disease and Building a Sustainable Society

  • Mar 21

    SGI Organizes Events on Women's Leadership at CSW58

  • Jan 26

    Child Rights Campaign Launched by Soka Gakkai Women's Peace Committee

  • Jan 11

    SGI-USA Cosponsors UN Women Assembly on Making LA a Safer City