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Back to listNov 4, 2011

SGI Organizations Support Thai Flood Relief

SGI-Thailand members shipping SGI-Thailand members using a boat to ship relief supplies

In response to the heavy flooding which has devastated many areas of Thailand, SGI-Thailand mobilized its youth members to deliver relief goods, and opened its centers in Nonthaburi, Thonburi and Pattaya for use as shelters for displaced people. 

SGI-Thailand and its members have donated relief supplies worth over 2 million Thai baht (US$ 64,900) including foodstuffs, flashlights and medicines. These have been packed into relief supply packages, containing instant noodles, rice, milk, canned fish and other essentials. Youth members have delivered the packages to hundreds of affected families in Nakhon Sawan, Lopburi and Ayutthaya from distribution centers in Bangkok and central Thailand, using trucks and boats.

SGI-Thailand members collecting suppliesSGI-Thailand members collecting supplies

Mr. Phuriphak Phuchongkawarin, youth leader of SGI-Thailand, comments, "Many hundreds of youth members have been exerting themselves to help victims of the flooding. This is our first experience of such large-scale relief efforts. It is at times like these that we can really put into practice the Buddhist spirit of dedicating ourselves for the sake of others."

SGI-Thailand youth members SGI-Thailand youth members putting relief materials on a truck

SGI-Thailand members have also been providing psychological and emotional counseling where appropriate. SGIT Chairman Somsak Likitjariyanont says, "Most people did not cry. They felt much better when they got moral support. We ask them to follow the principle that we can turn misery into happiness."

On October 13, SGI-Thailand also donated 150 relief supply packages, as well as 1,000 kg of rice, 1,500 bottles of water and 2,000 packs of instant noodles, to the Thai Ministry of Culture for distribution to affected areas.

SGI-Thailand is also poised to help with clean-up efforts after the water has receded

SGI-Thailand making the donation to the Thai Ministry of CultureSGI-Thailand making the donation to the Thai Ministry of Culture

On November 1, Soka Gakkai Japan made a donation of US$ 50,000 to the Thai government in support of flood relief efforts. Soka Gakkai General Director Masaaki Masaki and Kenji Yoshigo, Executive Director of International Affairs, visited the Royal Thai Embassy for this purpose and met with Ambassador Virasakdi Futrakul. On November 4, Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) also made a donation of RM 50,000 (US$ 16,000) to the Royal Thai Embassy in Malaysia in support of relief efforts.

[Courtesy of the SGI Office of Public Information; photos courtesy of SGI-Thailand]