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Back to listMay 5, 2011

SGI Organizations Continue to Give Earthquake Relief Donations

SGI-Indonesia presenting a check SGI-Indonesia presents a check to the Indonesian Red Cross Societies (April 26)

In the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunamis that hit Japan, SGI organizations around the world have continued to give donations to various organizations in support of their relief activities in affected regions.

On March 21, Singapore Soka Association made a donation of S$200,000 (US$160,000) to Mercy Relief and has since made two more donations totaling S$510,948.57, S$200,000 of which went to the Embassy of Japan, with the remainder going to Mercy Relief. The total donation amounted to S$710,948.57 (US$573,699).

SGI-Korea also donated KRW$140,000,000 (US$129,032) to the Korean Red Cross via a campaign organized by the MBC Broadcasting Company in Korea, on March 21. A second donation in the amount of KRW$26,853,214 (US$24,589) was given directly to the Korean Red Cross on March 31. 

SGI-Brazil presenting a checkSGI-Brazil presentation to the Brazilian Red Cross (May 5)

In India, Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai gave 21 million rupees (US$450,340) to the Red Cross. SGI-Indonesia donated IDR$175,000,000 (US$20,000) to Palang Merah Indonesia, the Indonesian Red Cross Societies.

In Latin America, SGI-Brazil donated BRL100,000 (US$61,690) to the Brazilian Red Cross. SGI-Peru gave US$8,000 to the Japanese Embassy in Peru. SGI-Paraguay also donated US$7,843 to the Federación de Asociaciones Japonesas del Paraguay (Federation of Japanese Associations in Paraguay).

[Report from the SGI Office of Public Information; photos courtesy of SGI-Indonesia and SGI-Brazil]