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Back to listMay 17, 2012

SGI-Paraguay Provides Aid in Flood Aftermath

SGI-ParaguaySGI-Paraguay members distributing relief goods

In Paraguay, flooding caused by torrential rains beginning in March 2012 affected 70,000 people and caused the government to declare a state of emergency. In April, in the capital city Asunción, flooding of the Paraguay River forced more than 1,500 families to evacuate their homes. It was estimated that it would take over one month for the water to recede in Asunción.

In response, Asunción City Mayor Arnaldo Samaniego helped galvanize citizen volunteer groups to aid in recovery efforts. SGI-Paraguay members collected relief items for those in the affected areas. Some 300 members donated items including food, blankets, shoes and clothing which were delivered to Mayor Samaniego on May 17 for distribution to local communities.

[Adapted from a report from SGI-Paraguay; photos courtesy of SGI-Paraguay]