Humanitarian Activities

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Singapore Soka Assoc. Participates in Community Interfaith Activities



On January 17, 2010, Singapore Soka Association (SSA), together with other faith-based organizations, participated in the annual recycling project, "Clean Up South West" at SSA's Soka Culture Center. The project, started by the South West Community Development Council (SWCDC) in 2006, aims to engage residents in a "trash-for-groceries" effort where items such as newspapers and clothing are redeemed for groceries. The food items are then donated to low-income families and individuals within the community.

Doors were open at the Soka Culture Center from 8:00am to 12:00pm for participants to drop off their recyclables. In 2009, the project collected 22 tons of newspapers and 12 tons of clothing. The event supports the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), which will be hosted by the SWCDC in 2010.


On November 29, 2009, approximately 20 SSA members participated in a community and interfaith event, "Charity & Harmony In Radin Mas As One!" Organized by the Radin Mas Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC), the activity distributes essential food items to those in need. SSA members displayed an interfaith exhibition explaining the humanistic philosophy and activities of SGI.


[Adapted from reports from the December 16, 2009, and January 6, 2010, issues of the SSA Times, Singapore Soka Association; photos courtesy of SSA]