Humanitarian Activities

Back to listMay 25, 2008

SGI Organizations Support Relief Efforts for Earthquake Victims in China

Mercy Relief representative (left) receives a check from SSA General Director Ong Bon Chai

Singapore Soka Association (SSA) conducted a donation drive to collect funds to help victims affected by the May 12 earthquake that devastated Sichuan Province, China. The drive from May 12-19, 2008, raised Singapore $147,961 (US$108,566). The donations came from SSA members as well as the general public and were forwarded on May 25 to Mercy Relief, a Singapore-based organization promoting humanitarian causes in Asia. This donation drive began shortly after SSA's humanitarian efforts for the victims of the May 2 cyclone in Myanmar, during which SSA held a fund drive and raised Singapore $48,000 (US$35,000). The proceeds were donated to Mercy Relief and SSA volunteers also assisted Mercy Relief in packing supplies in preparation for shipment to Myanmar.

Taiwan Soka Association General Director Lin Chao (left) presents a check to Taiwanese Ministry of the Interior representative

Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) also made several donations in response to the Sichuan earthquake. Local SGM organizations in several Malaysian states, including Penang, Kedah and Perak, independently contributed to the fundraising campaigns of local newspaper companies as well as the Malaysian Red Crescent Society. The total amount donated to date is more than RM (Ringgit Malaysia) 810,000 (US$249,802). In addition, prayer services were conducted at various SGM centers for the repose of those killed in the earthquake, for the good health and security of the survivors, and for the early recovery of the affected areas.

On May 23, Taiwan Soka Association donated NT (New Taiwan) $1,000,000 (US$32,765) to the Taiwanese Ministry of the Interior to assist relief activities in Sichuan.

[Adapted from reports by Singapore Soka Association, Soka Gakkai Malaysia and Taiwan Soka Association; photos courtesy of Singapore Soka Association and Taiwan Soka Association]