Humanitarian Activities

Back to listSep 15, 2005

SGI-USA Donates Money for Hurricane Relief, Starts Toy Collection Drive

SGI-USA youth volunteers collect toys for children in shelters throughout Houston, Texas

In response to the heavy losses caused by Hurricane Katrina when it hit the southern part of the US on August 29, SGI-USA has entrusted US$10,000 to the Red Cross for use in emergency relief operations to support victims of Hurricane Katrina.

SGI-USA youth have has also launched a toy collection drive for the very young children affected by the hurricane. According to experts' opinions, children suffer from traumatic experiences such as loss of home, parents' loss of employment and loss of pets and special toys long after the immediate disaster. This is the motivation behind the toy drive. The organizers hope that the stuffed animals and children's books will comfort the children and soften the impact from these experiences. The drive, started on September 3, will continue for two weeks and is expected to end on September 18. All collected items will be shipped to the SGI-USA Dallas Culture Center and will be distributed to children sheltered at the Houston Astrodome and other large facilities throughout Texas State.

The first collection of 400 toys has been shipped to the Dallas center on September 5.