Humanitarian Activities

Back to listSep 1, 2005

SGI-USA Participates in Hurricane Katrina Relief Activities

SGI-USA volunteers support relief efforts at the Houston Astrodome

On August 29, Hurricane Katrina hit the southern Gulf Coast of the US. The onslaught destroyed much of the coast of Mississippi, Louisiana, and parts of Alabama. To date, these areas are still plagued by massive flooding, with much of the infrastructure destroyed.

In response, SGI-USA has set up two relief centers, one in their national headquarters in Santa Monica, California, and another in the SGI-USA Memphis, Tennessee center. The centers are responsible for supporting members affected by the storm as well as coordinating SGI-USA members' relief efforts.

Currently, government officials and police in affected areas are not allowing outside volunteers to come into the areas, as there are concerns they would interfere with emergency personnel rescue efforts. In compliance, SGI-USA members' activities in affected areas are locally based.

Local SGI-USA members are working with organizations such as the Red Cross to assist evacuees who have sought shelter in Texas. They are supporting relief efforts at the Houston Astrodome, Dallas Convention Center and Reunion Arena (Dallas). Volunteers are serving food, and transporting and distributing supplies such as water and clothes. Among them, Hoss McBain, a member from Texas, was appointed by the Red Cross as the shelter manager for the night shift at the Dallas Convention Center. Hoss is one of many key personnel responsible for the health and safety of the evacuees in the center.