Humanitarian Activities

  • Dec 20

    Soka Gakkai Japan Donates Books to Disaster-stricken Schools

  • Sep 29

    Spreading Hope Through Art and Music in Tohoku

  • Sep 28

    SGI Chorus Groups in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan Contribute to Local Communities

  • Sep 14

    Taiwan Soka Association Awarded for Community Contribution

  • Aug 24

    SGI Members in the Philippines and Taiwan Provide Aid After Floods

  • Aug 22

    Singapore Soka Association Organizes Family Fun Day and Holds Donation Drive for Flood Victims

  • Aug 19

    Singapore Soka Association Co-organizes Community Outreach Food Project

  • Jul 29

    Seminars on Aftermath of March 11, 2011, Earthquake and Tsunami

  • Jul 16

    Soka Gakkai Relief Efforts in Response to Kyushu Floods

  • Jul 15

    Celebrating Mandela Day In South Africa

  • Jun 23

    SGI-Malaysia Helps Raise Cancer Awareness and Promote Organ Donation

  • Jun 22

    TSA Women's Chorus Perform at Taoyuan Women's Prison

  • Jun 16

    Soka Gakkai Student Members in Tohoku Hold Symposium on Recovery from March 11, 2011, Disaster

  • Jun 6

    Fukushima Prefecture Awards Soka Gakkai for Relief Efforts

  • Jun 4

    SGI-Italy Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Hospital

  • May 17

    SGI-Paraguay Provides Aid in Flood Aftermath

  • May 14

    Soka Gakkai Members Participate in Tornado Relief Activities in Japan

  • Apr 8

    Youth Festival and General Meeting Held in Fukushima Prefecture

  • Mar 24

    Tree Plantings Held in India in Memory of March 11 Victims

  • Mar 19

    Soka Gakkai Members in Tohoku Reach Out to Others

  • Mar 14

    Women and Reconstruction Conference Held in Tokyo

  • Mar 4

    Soka Gakkai Youth Lectures Focus on Response to March 11 Disaster

  • Mar 2

    Tohoku Soka Gakkai Members Rebuilding Lives