Humanitarian Activities

  • Nov 26

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Members Help to Raise Relief Funds and Awareness of Global Challenges

  • Nov 12

    Health Seminars Organized by Soka Gakkai Malaysia

  • Nov 4

    SGI Organizations Support Thai Flood Relief

  • Oct 5

    SGI-Canada Youth Participate in Benefit Concert Organized By Free the Children

  • Sep 5

    Taiwan Soka Association Chorus Performs in Prison, Organization Recognized for Community Service

  • Jul 31

    Tohoku Soka Gakkai Youth Members Hold "Rock the Heart" Music Festival

  • Jul 17

    SGI-South Africa's Community Outreach in Support of Mandela Day

  • Jun 30

    SGI Representatives Attend 2011 UNHCR Consultations with NGOs

  • Jun 26

    Soka Gakkai Members Plant Seeds of Hope in Earthquake Aftermath

  • Jun 11

    SGI-USA Members Engage in Relief Efforts in Tornado Aftermath

  • Jun 9

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Responds to Myanmar Earthquake

  • May 21

    Singapore Soka Association Participates in Mercy Relief Seminar

  • May 6

    Singapore Soka Volunteer Group in Focus

  • May 5

    SGI Organizations Continue to Give Earthquake Relief Donations

  • Apr 24

    Individual Soka Gakkai Members Continue Relief Efforts

  • Apr 17

    Step-By-Step Efforts Toward Recovery Continue

  • Apr 4

    Soka Gakkai Thailand Supports Charity Concert for Japan Earthquake Victims

  • Apr 3

    Soka Gakkai Tohoku Brass Band Performs at Shelter

  • Apr 1

    Soka Gakkai and SGI Organizations Continue Earthquake Relief Donations

  • Mar 29

    Local Soka Gakkai Members Engage in Relief Activities

  • Mar 25

    SGI Organizations Give Donations for Japan Earthquake Relief

  • Mar 17

    Soka Gakkai President Visits Evacuees in Sendai, Relief Efforts Continue

  • Mar 16

    Taiwan Soka Association, SGI-Macau and SGI-Hong Kong Donate Toward Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

  • Mar 16

    Contact Reestablished with Soka Gakkai Centers in Coastal Areas; Assistance Provided

  • Mar 15

    Soka Gakkai Continues Relief Efforts in Tohoku and Shin'etsu Regions

  • Mar 14

    Soka Gakkai Relief Activities Continue in Northeastern Japan

  • Mar 13

    Soka Gakkai Relief Activities, SGI President's Message

  • Mar 12

    Japan Earthquake Initial Response