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Launch of SGI Information (Official) Facebook Page and Addition of Three New Sections to Daisaku Ikeda Website

SGI InformationSGI Information (Official) Facebook page launched

On March 16, the SGI Office of Public Information launched a new Facebook page, SGI Information (Official). This page, which can be accessed at, will function as a central source of information for  latest updates from the SGI website, the SGI Quarterly and Daisaku Ikeda websites and the SGI YouTube channel. Existing content, including study materials, faith experiences and video and audio resources will also be highlighted regularly.

Dialogue with Nature sectionThe renewed Dialogue with Nature section of the Daisaku Ikeda website

On the same day, the Daisaku Ikeda website ( was also expanded by the addition of three new sections. The site now includes a new section exploring his thinking on culture and contributions to cultural exchange,  a renewed Dialogue with Nature section showcasing SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's photography, and a new audio-visual section.

Proponent of Culture expands the main biographical portion of the website--which has until now examined Mr. Ikeda's contributions in the fields of peace, education and philosophy--and explores his endeavors to promote culture and cultural exchange.

The Audio-Visual section makes available three of Mr. Ikeda’s animated children’s stories, Kanta and the Deer, The Cherry Tree and The Princess of the Desert Kingdom, as well as 22 newly recorded podcasts of his photo essay series This Beautiful Earth.

A completely revamped and enhanced Dialogue with Nature section focuses on Mr. Ikeda's passion for photography and presents a selection of 100 photographs organized by theme. His This Beautiful Earth essay series offers insight into his personal philosophy of photography and the inspiration behind some of the images.

[courtesy of SGI Office of Public Information]