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Buddhist Study Lectures Held Throughout Asia

BSG's Soka Bodhi Tree GardenAt BSG's Soka Bodhi Tree Garden Hall

On February 18 and 19, Bharat Soka Gakkai (BSG) held Buddhist study lectures at two locations in New Delhi. On February 18, lectures were held at the S. Radhakrishnan Auditorium and, on February 19, at BSG's Soka Bodhi Tree Garden. Over the two days, some 740 SGI members from throughout India, Nepal and Sri Lanka attended the lectures given by SGI Study Department Chief Katsuji Saito.

Mr. Saito lectured on Nichiren's writing titled "The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind" and emphasized the importance of putting the teachings of Nichiren into practice in daily life.

SGI-HK Culture CenterA question and answer session at the SGI-HK Culture Center

Mr. Saito then traveled to Singapore where he gave a series of lectures on February 21 and 22 on the same writing by Nichiren to a total of 2,200 Singapore Soka Association (SSA) members. Mr. Saito spoke about the importance of making concrete goals and how through facing and overcoming challenges that lie directly in front of us we can reveal limitless potential.

SGI-Thailand held study training sessions at its Thonburi Culture Center in Bangkok from February 18-19. SGI Study Department Vice Chief Takahiro Mizukami attended as guest lecturer, after which he spoke at the SGI-Hong Kong Culture Center for SGI-Hong Kong and Macao's study training session from February 20-22. Participants studied various commentaries by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda on Nichiren's writings.

[Adapted from the March 2, 3 and 16, 2012, issues of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan; photos courtesy of Seikyo Shimbun]