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Buddhist Study Exams Held in Zambia, Korea and the USA

Participants taking the study exam in LusakaParticipants taking the study exam in Lusaka

On April 15, SGI members in Zambia took a Buddhist Elementary Level Study Exam which was held in the cities of Lusaka, Ndola and Kitwe. The majority of the 90 people who took the exam were youth members. Some had traveled eight hours to take the exam.

In preparation, examinees in Lusaka started holding monthly study sessions together more than 18 months before the exam. Topics covered in the exam included the history of SGI and Nichiren's writings to his disciples titled "The Three Kinds of Treasure" and "Letter to the Brothers."

SGI-Korea Sosa-gu Peace Culture CenterSGI-Korea members take the study exam at the SGI-Korea Sosa Peace Culture Center

On the same day, some 5,700 SGI-Korea members took the first level Buddhist study exam which was administered at 109 venues throughout the country. The exam focused on Nichiren's writings, "Hell Is the Land of Tranquil Light," "The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood" and "On Prolonging One’s Life Span." In addition to relevant Buddhist concepts, examinees studied SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's lecture series on Nichiren's writings.

In March, 25,000 SGI-USA members took the second part of the Buddhist Essentials Exam. The first part was held in 2011. The exam consists of three sections in total and is administered in eight languages: Chinese, English, Khmer, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai.

Topics covered included Buddhist terms and the history of Buddhism--from the life of Shakyamuni, the development of Mahayana Buddhism and the life of Nichiren to practicing the teachings of the Lotus Sutra in the Latter Day of the Law. In addition to selections from Nichiren's writings, the exam also covered excerpts from Mr. Ikeda's lecture series "Learning from the Writings: The Teachings for Victory."

[Adapted from articles in the April 24, 26 and May 16, 2012, issues of the Seikyo Shimbun]