Back to listJul 23, 2012

Brazil SGI Holds Introductory Meetings with Sign Language Interpretation


In response to requests from members, Brazil Soka Gakkai International (BSGI) members in São Paulo began holding monthly Buddhist introductory meetings for people who are deaf and hard of hearing at the BSGI Culture Center, starting in July 2011. These meetings are also open to the public.

One BSGI member explained that due to the fact that Brazilian Sign Language does not include Buddhist terms it has been a challenge for the interpreters. They have been referring to a book of sign language developed by Soka Gakkai Japan for terms used in Nichiren Buddhism. There are also future prospects of providing video materials in sign language for those in more remote areas.

Organizations such as Soka Gakkai Japan and SGI-USA also now provide sign language interpretation at their meetings, including Buddhist study lectures.

[Adapted from an article from Brazil Soka Gakkai International (BSGI); photo courtesy of BSGI]