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Student Group Meetings Held Across Canada

Toronto SGI-Canada Student Group members at the Culture Centre in Toronto (June 26)

On June 25 and 26, SGI-Canada's Student Group members held meetings throughout the country to celebrate the founding of the Soka Gakkai student group in Japan 54 years ago and to reaffirm the important role of students in creating a peaceful world. The theme for the meetings was "Be Courageous Trailblazers of Hope!"

Ottawa Ottawa Student Group (June 25)

For the meeting held at the SGI-Canada Montreal Culture Centre on June 25, youth participated in discussion sessions on the purpose of acquiring knowledge and using it to contribute to the betterment of society. They also shared with each other their personal struggles, victories and determinations. One individual told how his practice of Buddhism has helped him develop courage and confidence as he completes his doctorate degree.

On the same day, some 40 students gathered at the SGI-Canada Vancouver Culture Centre. They also engaged in small group discussions and participated in an interactive REACH activity, based on a high school curriculum which SGI-Canada youth have developed, aimed at inspiring youth to work to realize their unlimited potential and to advance with hope and a deeper sense of shared humanity.

Montreal Montreal Student Group (June 25)

The Toronto Culture Centre was the venue for a meeting on June 26. Following a skit on the history and founding of the SGI Student Group, participants discussed the meaning of the expression "trailblazers" as well as their wish to become leaders in society who can protect people and transform their communities into "lands of peace." Excerpts from SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's book The Way of Youth, which addresses common concerns and struggles of youth and students in particular, were used as study materials for the discussions.

Elsewhere in Canada, Student Group meetings were held in the cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Winnipeg and included a variety of musical and dance performances.

[Adapted from articles from the SGI-Canada Online News; photos courtesy of SGI-Canada]