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SGI YouTube Channel “SGI Videos Online” Launched

SGI Videos

On May 13, SGI launched an official YouTube Video Channel titled "SGI Videos Online."

The channel provides a variety of videos related to SGI's global movement to build a culture of peace, as well as introductory material related to SGI's history and Buddhist practice.

The films on SGI Videos Online are presented in four categories: The SGI Buddhist Movement, SGI Activities around the World, Peace Education Resources and Environment Education Resources. Further categories will be added in the future.

"The SGI Buddhist Movement" consists of introductory videos on SGI's Buddhist practice, history and NGO activities.

"SGI Activities around the World" offers videos of different initiatives and exhibitions that SGI has organized, initially on the theme of nuclear abolition.

"Peace Edu. Resources" provides videos of lectures and activities particularly focusing on peace and nuclear weapons abolition.

"Environment Edu. Resources" features the Earth Council film A Quiet Revolution, divided into three parts, highlighting local action to protect the environment in India, Slovakia and Kenya.

Several of these video resources have been divided into shorter sections for easy viewing on YouTube. 

At the moment, only English language material is available. In the future, videos will also be available with subtitles in other languages.

A wide selection of video resources, including some in languages other than English, is also still available on the SGI website.

[Courtesy of SGI Office of Public Information]