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Chinese and Spanish SGI Websites Renewed

SGI Chinese WebsiteSGI Traditional Chinese website

The Spanish and Simplified and Traditional Chinese SGI websites have been renewed. In line with the renewal, the URLs for the sites have been changed to the following:


Simplified Chinese:

Traditional Chinese:

The design for the three sites has been updated to correspond to that of the English website ( The content for the Chinese sites in particular has been improved and enhanced, with particular efforts made to include more member feedback such as in the "Why I'm Practicing" and "Members' Stories" sections where people share their thoughts on their Buddhist practice and how it has changed their lives for the better. The new Chinese sites also offer more in-depth study materials pertaining to Nichiren Buddhism, as well as video resources on SGI's various activities.

SGI Spanish WebsiteSGI Spanish website

A member of the Chinese SGI website team commented, "The design of the sites is now in line with the English website and is considerably more user-friendly than the old sites. I would say that the sites are never complete, in the sense that we will constantly think about ways to improve them to better serve readers."

There are currently two systems of characters in use in the Chinese written language. The Simplified Chinese system was introduced by the government in mainland China in the 1950s and, other than mainland China, is used in places such as Singapore and Malaysia. The Traditional Chinese system predates the Simplified system and is used in places that include Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

[From a report from the SGI Office of Public Information]