Back to listJun 5, 2010

SGI-UK Volunteer Groups Celebrate Entrance and Graduation Ceremonies

On June 5, 2010, at SGI-UK's Taplow Court Grand Culture Center, SGI-UK honored volunteers who have worked behind-the-scenes to ensure the safe operation of SGI centers during meetings and events. For some people, this marked the end of their time with the volunteers groups, while other people were joining the groups for the first time.

The day's theme was "SGI-UK Dedicated Lilac and Soka: Leading the Way to 2030," and focused on the importance of one-to-one care and the shared commitment of mentor and disciple. Exactly 169 young women from the Lilac Group and 137 young men from the Soka Group attended from throughout the UK. The day started with the graduates of the Lilac Group singing their song, "Springtime of Life," followed by a song from the Soka Group graduates. SGI-UK National Lilac Leader Tricia Wiley and SGI-UK National Soka Leader Masashi Inoue explained the meeting's theme, emphasizing the significance of caring for others and the importance of developing a deeper understanding of the mentor and disciple relationship.

The meeting also included personal experiences by Chloe Hanchen and Tom Wright. SGI-UK National Youth Group Leader Manny Fernandez and SGI-UK National Young Women's Leader Lisa Cowan offered congratulations to members of the volunteer groups. SGI-UK General Director Robert Samuels presented the graduates with certificates.

In the afternoon the Lilac and Soka groups each held their own meetings. The day ended with young women and young men sharing their determinations to manifest their full potential and realize their dreams.


[Adapted from an article from the SGI-UK Online News Bulletin]