Back to listFeb 22, 2010

SGI-Russia Members Attend Training Course in Austria


From February 21-22, 2010, SGI-Russia members gathered at the SGI-Austria Culture Center in Vienna, Austria, for a conference on putting the teachings of the Lotus Sutra into practice in one's daily life. Some 44 SGI-Russia members from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Vladivostok attended.

During the two day course, SGI-Russia Leaders Takeshi Yamakawa and Mariko Yashiki lectured on Nichiren's writing titled "On Prayer" (The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol. 1, p.336) which emphasizes the importance of developing the attitude that with faith and practice, one can turn what seems impossible into something possible. They encouraged participants never to abandon their practice and to continuously create hope. The course also included a personal experience shared by a member from Bolshoy Kamen, Russia.

SGI-Europe Chair Hideaki Takahashi and Vice Chair Yoshio Nakamura attended and encouraged everyone to be victors, always advancing with courage.

[Adapted from an article in the March 24, 2010, issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan; photo courtesy of Seikyo Shimbun]