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SGI-Ireland Hosts First Annual Chapter Meeting

10013x_1ireland_annual_chapter_mtg.jpg At University College Cork in Cork, Ireland

On January 30, 2010, some 55 SGI-Ireland members from throughout the country gathered at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland, for their first annual chapter meeting.

SGI-Ireland Vice Young Men's Leader Gavin Pullen and Robbie Fry, men's leader of South and South East Chapter, Ireland, reported on a recent SGI-European Summit held at Trets, France.

Mr. Pullen spoke about his expectations and vision for 2010, the 80th anniversary of the founding of Soka Gakkai. He encouraged everyone to deepen their own state of life, create heart to heart bonds with their friends and share their hope and conviction for the future, based on their practice of Nichiren Buddhism.

Mr. Fry also asked everyone to challenge specific goals and then take concrete actions to realize them. He added that one's determination and prayer are key to winning in daily life.

Mr. Fry also cautioned against complacency, and shared SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's thought that it is essential that leaders first challenge to develop themselves. As Buddhist leaders, he asked that everyone learn from Mr. Ikeda's example and employ the "Strategy of the Lotus Sutra," the title of one of Nichiren's letters in which he states, "It is the heart that is most important."

The first ever annual gathering also included leadership appointments and one member's experience about how his Buddhist practice helped him to distance himself from a dangerous gang and begin leading a positive life.

[Adapted from an activity report from SGI-Ireland; photos courtesy of Des Irvine]