Back to listNov 28, 2010

Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai Holds General Meeting

101128x_india_general_mtg2.jpgAt the Soka Bodhi Tree Garden

On November 28, Bharat (India) Soka Gakkai (BSG) members held a general meeting at the Soka Bodhi Tree Garden outside New Delhi, India. In all, 1,300 gathered, including SGI members from Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Representing all the youth, BSG youth leaders shared their determination to deepen their understanding of Nichiren's Buddhism, specifically what is meant by the shared commitment of mentor and disciple and their resolve to show, through their behavior, the Buddhist tenet of respecting the dignity of all life. They also shared their determination to become true leaders who contribute to creating a civilization that embraces peace.








[Adapted from an article in the December 10, 2010, issue of Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan; photos courtesy of BSG]