Back to listAug 16, 2009

SGI-Ghana Members Gather for General Meeting and Youth Culture Festival


From August 15-16, 2009, SGI-Ghana held a general meeting and the third Youth Culture Festival in Sunyani, Ghana. Some 120 SGI-Ghana members and friends participated in the events together with representatives from Nigeria and Togo.

Traditional dances and songs, gymnastics and other performances were part of the festival on August 15. SGI-Ghana Youth Leader Kwabena Awuah also spoke and shared his/her hopes to spread the compassion of Nichiren Buddhism throughout society.

The general meeting on August 16 began with personal accounts of the benefits gained from Buddhist practice. SGI-Ghana General Director Bobson M. Godonu referred to the 25th anniversary of the SGI-Ghana Center in Accra, the first SGI center in the African continent, and expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the members who have consistently supported the center despite turbulent social conditions. He remarked that those who follow the path of shared commitment of mentor and disciple, regardless of how difficult their lives might be, will ultimately realize a life of true victory.

[Adapted from an article in the October 1, 2009 issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan; photo courtesy of SGI-Ghana]