Back to listAug 15, 2009

SGI-Uganda Holds Annual General Meeting


On August 15, 2009, SGI-Uganda members held their annual general meeting in Kampala, Uganda. The theme for this year's meeting was "Youth and Victory: Taking the First Step." Participants studied Nichiren's writing "Letter to Niike," in which he encourages his followers to maintain a diligent practice throughout their lives. Following the study presentation, participants met in small groups to discuss the importance of concrete actions and the spirit of never giving up.

An introductory film about the SGI titled "Our Shared Humanity" was also shown. A question and answer session followed. Several members shared how their practice of Nichiren Buddhism is positively impacting their daily lives.

Younger members gathered to present short skits on the concept of the Ten Worlds, also known as the ten realms or life states referred to in Buddhist scriptures, and participated in hands-on activities including face painting.


[Adapted from a report from SGI-Uganda, photos courtesy of SGI-Uganda]