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Young Women's Meetings Held in Panama and Paraguay

On December 21, 2008, young women in Panama gathered for a leaders' meeting at the SGI-Panama Culture Center. Ashanti De León was appointed SGI-Panama young women's leader. She expressed her determination to foster more capable young women through heartfelt dialogue. Other newly appointed young women's leaders included Janune Chandler, student group leader, and Génesis Olmos, junior and senior high schools group leader. At the same venue, some 100 SGI-Panama young women gathered on January 18, 2009, for the inauguration of the SGI-Panama young women's leadership training group. SGI-Panama Vice Young Women's Leader Linda Quintero called on the participants to open their own path to victory in life, and quoted Nichiren who stated, "Women open the gateway."

090130panama_ywd.jpg SGI-Panama young women

In Paraguay, some 60 young women gathered on January 17 for a summer study course. Together with SGI-Paraguay Young Women's Leader Chieko Nagasawa, the young women discussed the history of the Soka Gakkai and how second president Josei Toda and his disciple Daisaku Ikeda struggled together to fulfill their shared goal for people's happiness and peace in society.

On the following day, the inaugural meeting of the SGI-Paraguay young women's leadership training group was held at the SGI-Paraguay culture center. The participants studied Nichiren's letter to the lay nun Sennichi.

090130paraguay_ywd.jpg SGI-Paraguay young women at a summer study session

[Adapted from an article in the January 30, 2008 issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]