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Hong Kong University Vice Chancellor Lectures on "Science and Buddhism" at SGI-Hong Kong Culture Center

Hong Kong University Vice Chancellor Lee Chack-fan lectures on "Science and Buddhism"

On April 28, 2008, Lee Chack-fan, vice chancellor and professor of Geotechnical Engineering of the University of Hong Kong, lectured on "Science and Buddhism" at the SGI-Hong Kong Culture Center.

Professor Lee is an expert on the construction of hydro and nuclear power plants, dam safety control and nuclear waste disposal, as well as having researched extensively on Buddhism.

In his lecture, Professor Lee examined how Buddhism impacts the pursuit of human values of beauty and good from a scientific perspective, sharing his belief that the fundamental aim of both Buddhism and science is to remove suffering and provide a means for people to become happy. He remarked that scientific research is concerned with "the way of nature," that is, the relationship between cause and effect in the natural world. In contrast, the humanities, as well as religion, explore the spiritual realm of human experience, or what may be termed as "the way of humanity." Referring to the ancient Chinese philosophical tenet of "the unity of heaven and man," he concluded that when "the way of nature" integrates with "the way of humanity," or when nature and human beings coexist in harmony, our lives will become more enriched and human society will advance based on sustainable development.

[Adapted from a report by SGI-Hong Kong and an article in the May 26 issue of Li Ming Shen Bao, SGI-Hong Kong; photo courtesy of SGI-Hong Kong]