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SGI-Chile Holds Leaders Training Course and Prayer Service

On March 30, 2008, some 40 SGI-Chile men gathered for a leaders training course at the SGI-Chile Culture Center in Santiago. Participants discussed the core Buddhist concepts of oneness of mentor and disciple and the unity of "many in body and one in mind." SGI-Chile General Director Fumio Imai reported on the third Latin America Study Session on Nichiren Buddhism held in Brazil in March. Mr. Imai emphasized that in practicing Buddhism study is crucial for deepening one's conviction as well as for maintaining a correct practice. SGI-Chile Men's Leader Juan Linares called on the participants to advance in all spheres of activity in their daily lives as they prepare for their SGI-Chile Men's General Meeting scheduled for August 2008.

SGI-Chile men leaders meet

At the same venue, some 320 SGI-Chile members gathered for a prayer service on April 6 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda (1900-58) as well as the 755th anniversary of the establishment of Nichiren Buddhism (April 28, 1253). Mr. Imai encouraged everyone to challenge themselves to become individuals who positively influence their surroundings based on their own development. The SGI-Chile youth brass band and fife-and-drum corps performed at the meeting.

SGI-Chile members gather for a prayer service

[Adapted from an article in the May 8, 2008 issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan; photos courtesy of SGI-Chile]