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Soka Gakkai Agriculture and Fishery Departments of Hokkaido Hold Annual Gatherings

During February 2008, the Soka Gakkai Agriculture and Fishery Departments of Hokkaido held their annual "renaissance rallies." On February 23, Soka Gakkai members engaged in farming in the Tokachi region gathered at the Otofuke Culture Center in Otofukecho, southeast Hokkaido.

Following a performance by the Soka Gakkai Tokachi Cosmos Boys and Girls Chorus, local Soka Gakkai youth reported on a survey of Japan's food self-sufficiency, which has declined from 79 percent in 1960 to 39 percent on 2006. The presenters referred to SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's view that the general population's lack of awareness regarding food supply can be attributed to a lessening of respect for humanity and life itself. They also shared Mr. Ikeda's relevant dialogues with world leaders such as Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, distinguished plant geneticist and father of the Green Revolution in India.

The following individuals shared their experiences of triumphing over difficulties in their respective agricultural fields: Itsuko Yoshikawa is engaged in upland farming in Honbetsucho, known for bean production; Minoru Sakurai grows beets, wheat and red beans and runs a dairy farm in Shimizucho; Shoko Kanayama grows rice in Japan's northernmost rice producing area of Enbetsucho; and Masahiro Nakajima and his family are engaged in forestry in Ashorocho.

Soka Gakkai Fishery Department of Hokkaido Holds Rally

Wataru Takahashi, head of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) Taikicho, who attended the rally as a guest, expressed his hope that the participants would continue their efforts in agricultural work for the flourishing of their communities.

On February 24, some 600 Soka Gakkai members engaged in fishery in Hokkaido gathered for their rally in Monbetsu City Hall.

Makoto Narumi and his brother Ken of Wakkanai City, Machiko Kubota of Atsugishicho and Hisashi Watanabe and his wife Reiko of Monbetsucho, shared how they have contributed to society through their fishery businesses. Professor Fumio Mitsudera of the Pan-Okhotsk Research Center of Hokkaido University's Institute of Low Temperature Science spoke on fishing grounds and the science of drift ice in the Okhotsk Sea.

[Adapted from articles in the February 24, 25, and March 3, 2008 issues of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]