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SGI Women Around the World Celebrate Women's Division Day

Members of the SGI women's division around the world commemorated June 10, Women's Division Day, during May and June 2007.

A meeting on one of the Philippine islands

In the Philippines, 21,000 women, of whom 16,000 were guests, assembled at 1,081 venues throughout the country to commemorate May 10, SGI-Philippines Women's Division Day. National Women's Division Leader Yoshiko Shibata attended a meeting with 170 women on Infanta Beach on the southeastern shore of Luzon Island. Women shared experiences of practicing and incorporating the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism to tackle personal problems. Ms. Shibata encouraged the participants to challenge to surmount their difficulties and establish happy lives, as well as contribute to society through the SGI's activities in support of peace, culture and education.

At the SGI-Nepal Peace Culture Center, Kathmandu

SGI-Singapore women increased their participation this year by eight-fold, with some 8,000 members and guests gathering to commemorate Women's Division Day at six venues nationwide. SGI-Nepal women from Pokara City traveled seven hours by bus to the SGI-Nepal Peace Culture Center in Kathmandu to join their compatriots for their 11th Women's General Meeting. Women meeting at the SGI-Hong Kong Grand Culture Center studied an essay by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda on the spirit of mentor and disciple.

At the Singapore Soka Association Center
Primavera Chorus, Rome, Italy

SGI-Italy women celebrated the commemorative month with small group discussion meetings held throughout the country. In Rome, the SGI-Italy women's Primavera Chorus invited their friends to a recital at the SGI-Italy Rome Culture Center to celebrate the choir's 15th anniversary. The women of SGI-Norway discussed "Health and Life" at their gathering held at the SGI-Norway Culture Center, Oslo. National Women's Division Leader Mutsuko Digernes spoke about how the practice of Nichiren Buddhism functions to purify and enrich life, in both mind and body.

SGI-Uruguay Culture Center, Montevideo
SGI-Norway Center, Oslo

In Brazil, around 73,000 women met at 6,000 venues across the country. In Venezuela, 2,000 SGI-Venezuela women met at 50 venues, a two-fold increase from the previous year's attendance. SGI-Uruguay women commemorated Women's Division Day by holding their first national leaders' meeting at the SGI Culture Center in Montevideo in May. In Argentina, 12,000 women gathered at 900 venues nationwide. Meetings were also held in other Latin American countries, including Mexico, Panama and Ecuador.

SGI-Venezuela women in Barquisimeto City

[Adapted from an article in the June 28, 2007 issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]