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German Edition of Burton Watson's Lotus Sutra to Be Published


In May 2007, Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft (WBG), a German publisher of academic books, will release Das Lotos-Sutra, a German edition of the Lotus Sutra, widely considered to be the most important scripture of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. This edition is based on Burton Watson's translation published in 1993 by Columbia University Press, New York. The German translation was undertaken by Dr. Max Deeg, senior lecturer at Cardiff University, UK, under the editorship of Dr. Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer, a leading Buddhist scholar in Germany, with the cooperation of SGI-Germany.

Dr. Schmidt-Glintzer stated that the significance of this German edition is that the Lotus Sutra will now be available not only to a narrow range of experts but also to a wider public audience in Germany. An official launch of Das Lotos-Sutra is scheduled for May in Frankfurt. A full-scale German translation of the Lotus Sutra has been long awaited by German scholars and researchers of Buddhism.

[Dr. Burton Watson, who has taught at Columbia, Stanford and Kyoto Universities, is a renowned English translator of Chinese and Japanese literature. Published as The Lotus Sutra, his translation of this Buddhist scripture is made directly from Kumarajiva's Chinese version, regarded as the most historically legitimate text. Kumarajiva (344-413 C.E.) was a prominent Central Asian scholar who translated a number of Buddhist scriptures into Chinese during his lifetime.]

[Adapted from an article in the April 24, 2007 issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]