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SGI Associations in Asian Countries Ring in the New Year

On January 1, 2007, SGI associations throughout Asia celebrated the new year, named "Year of Advancement and Victory" by SGI.

SGI-Indonesia youth representatives present a dance to celebrate the new year
SGI-Thailand members
SGI-Nepal members

In SGI-Thailand, some 10,000 members gathered for New Year's meetings at 90 venues around the country. In SGI-Malaysia, as well, over 10,000 members celebrated the new year at 53 venues in 13 states.

SGI-Indonesia held meetings at 18 venues including its headquarters building which opened last year, with a combined attendance of 2,500. Participants were treated to dance and chorus performance by youth representatives. New Year's gatherings were also held in the Philippines, Nepal and Macau.

SGI-Taiwan members

In Taiwan, around 30,000 SGI members gathered at their respective centers to celebrate the new year. SGI-Taiwan General Director Lin Chao and Honorary General Director Chu Wan Lee attended a New Year's meeting at the Taipei Pan Chiao Center on January 1. Mr. Lin encouraged everyone to make significant contributions to society in 2007. At every New Year's gathering in Taiwan, youth representatives presented choral and music performances.

SGI-Sri Lanka members celebrated the new year at their center in Colombo on January 7, 2007. A newly-joined SGI member remarked, "[With this practice] I've been able to transform my life, which had been deadlocked, into one of joy and fulfillment." SGI-Sri Lanka General Director Ranjith Rupasinghe, leading his first New Year's meeting since his appointment in April 2006, called on the participants to pray for the peace and happiness of people everywhere.

SGI-Sri Lanka members

[Adapted from articles in the January 9, 13 and 19, 2007 issues of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]