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SGI-Korea Young Men Participate in Training Session on Cheju Island

SGI-Korea young men at the training session

December 1-3, 2006, 108 SGI-Korea Young Men's Division (YMD) representatives from throughout South Korea attended a training session at the Cheju Korea-Japan Friendship Training Center in Seogwipo City, Cheju Province on Cheju Island. The young men studied Buddhist philosophy based on Nichiren's writings and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's recent speeches on a fundamental tenet of Buddhism, that of working for the happiness of oneself and others. They also participated in a question and answer session with YMD leaders. YMD Chief Kim Heui Kang and Youth Division Chief Seo Young Jun called on everyone present to cultivate their character, surmount obstacles and "win" in life; and to develop trust and friendships in their respective communities and society at large.