Back to listDec 7, 2006

SGI-Norway Opens First Center; Holds First Study Examination

On November 18, 2006, SGI-Norway opened its first center in central Oslo. SGI representatives from Denmark, Sweden and Finland joined some 80 SGI-Norway members at the opening. SGI-Europe Vice Chair and SGI-Denmark head Jan Möller, SGI-Sweden Youth Division Leader Lauwrens Skoglund and SGI-Europe Chair Hideaki Takahashi congratulated the SGI members of Norway on their new center. Aud Digernes, SGI-Norway youth division leader, determined to share the positive philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism with other young people. SGI-Norway Women's Division Leader Mutsuko Digernes and General Director Hiroshi Ishibashi said they hoped that the new center would become a hub for SGI activities that expand trust and understanding in the community.

SGI-Norway members celebrate the opening of their new center

On the following day, SGI-Norway held its first study exam on Nichiren Buddhism at the new center. The candidates were tested on basic Buddhist concepts and Nichiren's writings, such as "Many in Body, One in Mind" and "Reply to Kyo'o."