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SGI-UK Opens New Center in Central London

SGI-UK Central London Centre
Local SGI members celebrate opening

On November 18, 2006, SGI-UK opened a new center in central London, which will serve as the hub of activities for members living in North, Central and East London. Some 500 representatives gathered to celebrate the opening. SGI-UK Vice General Director Kazuo Fujii congratulated everyone, saying the London center's establishment is a milestone in the history of SGI in Europe. Centrally located and with good access to public transportation, the two-story building will be used as a venue for exhibitions on peace, lectures and community-oriented programs, among other activities.

Examinees at the new center

On November 19, 2006, the center was one of 66 venues throughout the UK where a study exam on Nichiren Buddhism was held. Some 700 members were tested on their knowledge of Nichiren's letters of encouragement to his followers, including "Many in Body, One in Mind" and "Letter to Kyo'o."