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8,000 Sit for Buddhist Study Exams in 25 European Countries

This autumn (2006), some 8,000 SGI members in 25 European countries, such as Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, U.K., Switzerland and Belgium, were tested on their study of Nichiren Buddhism. The exam material included basic Buddhist concepts and "Many in Body, One in Mind" and "Reply to Kyo'o" from Nichiren's writings and letters of encouragement to his followers. SGI-Germany and SGI-Netherlands held their exam on November 5 at various locales. Members of SGI-Serbia, sponsoring three countries in the Balkans, took their exam on November 18. On November 19, members in Spain, including the Canary Islands, gathered at nine venues. SGI-Italy members sat for the exam at some 100 locations. One men's division member in Spain woke up one hour early every morning to study before going to work, beginning two weeks prior to the exam date. He shared, "I was awakened to the depth and greatness of Buddhism's humanistic philosophy."

Study exam candidates in Spain
Study exam candidates in the Netherlands